DentaQuest Networks
In selecting and tiering, if applicable, participating providers in our networks, DentaQuest does not:
  • Discriminate against high-risk populations by excluding or tiering participating providers because they are located in a geographic area that presents a risk of higher -than-average claims, losses or health care utilization;
  • Exclude participating providers because they treat or specialize in treating populations that present a risk of higher-than-average claims, losses or health care utilization;
  • Discriminate against any health care provider who is acting within the scope of his/her license or certification under state law.
DentaQuest maintains networks that provide reliable and consistent access to a large number of dentists. The networks are designed to provide robust and convenient access to care. DentaQuest conducts audits on an annual basis or more frequently when significant changes to the networks or membership are anticipated and/or have already occurred.
Every licensed dentist that provides care in Connecticut may join the networks, subject to compliance with DentaQuest’s applicable product rules, regulations, and credentialing guidelines. DentaQuest’s does not discriminate in the selection or termination of practitioners on the basis of sex, age, national origin, race, religion, color, marital status or sexual preference or orientation.