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Work With the Most Experienced Team for Your Marketplace Solution

Since 2008, DentaQuest has been administering embedded benefits on the Massachusetts public marketplace through the Commonwealth Care Program, which served as the model for today’s state and federal health exchanges. We have experience in state and federal Public Marketplaces, and offer strategic partnerships with health plans to administer their embedded benefit. Our holistic SmartGrowth approach combines intelligent benefit design, data analytics and service excellence for healthcare providers.

We have been in this space since the beginning, and health plan providers choose to work with DentaQuest for our continued expertise in this competitive market.


The Right Partner to Help Achieve Your Goals

Being the first on the marketplace has given us time to develop a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in this space.

We know and can meet the stringent government regulations. Our ultra-efficient claims processing system and edits help control claims costs. We build strategic networks that promote utilization and ease of access. We meet the needs of marketplace members, our providers and our partners.

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