Donna Kasian

Vice President of New Business Strategy

Having served at DentaQuest for the last 15 years in a host of senior positions, Donna brings a wealth of experience and health care industry know-how to the table.  Her goal is to strategically grow the company’s business portfolio by leveraging its unrivaled depth and breadth of knowledge and its consistent focus on client care and responsiveness.
Under Donna’s leadership, DentaQuest has implemented hundreds of dental and vision programs across all business segments.  In developing these programs, she draws on her extensive health care background and works closely with clients to understand not only their needs, but also their challenges and strengths to better inform best-practice implementation.  While she directs new business strategies for one of the largest dental administrators in the country, Donna never loses sight of the fact that this growth occurred one client at a time, and she places a premium on collaborative person-to-person relationship building.
Having implemented programs ranging from 50,000 to two million members, Donna has earned a reputation as a seasoned executive with an acute business sense.  She is well versed in leading multi-million dollar initiatives, quality assurance oversight, internal and external communications, strategically phased implementation, and change management.
Donna has a strong track record in multi-disciplinary initiatives and has had exposure to virtually every aspect of the dental insurance business.  As such, she offers customers a diverse portfolio of experience that she uses to develop holistic dental and vision programs that best mesh with a client’s priorities from the standpoint of implementation, logistics, cost, administration and overall efficacy.
Prior to joining DentaQuest, Donna held senior operations and administrative positions at the American Behavioral Clinics and Midwest Clinical Services.  She is a graduate of the Executive MBA Program at the University of Chicago.