Vidya Baliga

Visions Operations Director

Vidya is driven by metrics and dedicated to generating value for customers.  As the leader of DentaQuest’s vision care product since 2011, she works with clients to develop flexible and entrepreneurial programs to best meet their comprehensive health care needs.  She is also directly responsible for the five-fold increase in DentaQuest vision membership that has been generated through her hands-on approach.
Vidya has a background steeped in the development of process enhancements, technological efficiencies, and performance metrics.  For more than two decades, she has worked for a number of consulting firms and developed real-world IT solutions for companies that deal in complex delivery systems for goods and services.  She has strategically applied this expertise at DentaQuest and has developed a vision care product that blends seamlessly with the delivery of dental benefits, giving clients the added convenience of selecting both benefit options with administrative simplicity.
Vidya is well-versed in contractual and regulatory compliance, and she regularly works with clients on issues related to operational and network requirements.  Coupling this knowledge with a client-centric solutions approach, Vidya has successfully developed a cost-effective program that covers periodic eye exams and eyeglasses and an integrated medical and surgical benefit covering more advanced eye services.
As the Vision Operations Director, Vidya has expanded operations staff to strategically meet the needs of her growing client base.  She has also introduced automated processes to increase operational efficiency and enhanced audit processes to better gauge the quality of her team’s performance.  She is a firm believer in the value of a well-trained team that can offer clients flexibility and rapid responses to issues, and she regularly improves the technical knowledge of her staff through ongoing training sessions.
DentaQuest established its vision product in 2009, and Vidya’s leadership in recent years rapidly accelerated membership to just over 1 million lives presently.  She plans to sustain and grow this line of business with the same metric-oriented, demonstrable benefits for clients that have led to her record of success thus far.    
Vidya holds a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from Calcutta University and a post graduate degree in Systems and Analysis Design from the University of Delhi.  She also serves as a board member of the National Association of Vision Care Plans.