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We encourage you to complete your credentialing application online.  However, we understand an online solution is not everyone’s preference. you prefer to complete a paper application, please call your provider relations representative.

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Important Notice to All Michigan Providers:

Meridian Office Reference Manual has been updated 7/11/2017; Covered Benefit Exhibit tables now indicate Pre-Payment Review or Prior Authorization requirement.

D4355 has been added as a covered benefit for the Meridian Healthy Michigan Plan members, Effective February 1, 2017. Benefit Limitation: One of (D4355) per 1 Lifetime Per patient. Not allowed for 12 Month(s) after (D1110)

Be sure your office is verifying current covered benefits for each plan.

Please remember to refer to the health plan's Office Reference Manual (ORM) for the most current covered benefits (CDT codes) to ensure that you will receive allowable reimbursement for rendered services. A copy of the ORM is available on this page in the Provider Resources section.

News & Updates

Effective January 1, 2017, DentaQuest will be administering the dental benefits for Meridian Health Medicare Plans: Meridian Essential $250, Meridian Essential $500 and Meridian Extra.

Effective November 1, 2016, DentaQuest, in partnership with Meridian Health Plan, will be administering the dental benefits for Meridian Healthy Michigan Plan (Adult 19+ Medicaid) and Meridian Complete (Medicare-Medicaid plan).

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DentaQuest Customer Service: 844-870-3977
DentaQuest Credentialing Help Desk: 800-233-1468