With dental practices across the country closed for all but urgent or emergency care, DentaQuest is creating both short- and long-term solutions for remote care. We aim to develop best-in-class teledentistry solutions that will quickly address the needs of today while reflecting our overall goal of building a better future with improved access to quality oral health care for all. 

What is Teledentistry?

Father and daughter on ipadTeledentistry refers to a variety of technologies and tactics used to virtually deliver oral health and education services and helps to connect providers to other providers or connects providers directly with patients to enhance care and education delivery. Teledentistry services can expand oral health access, lower costs and improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction—making it a critical service to transform the oral health industry. 

Now, more than ever, the use of teledentistry as an alternative method to care can provide much-needed access to urgent dental care when providers and patients can’t meet in person. In a crisis, dental providers can use teledentistry to consult with patients, triage their needs and offer limited urgent services without being in the same room. This alternative may help prevent patients from seeking care in emergency departments, where even under regular circumstances, treating oral health issues is often expensive and inefficient.

Teledentistry Resources from the DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement

The latest communications brief from the experts at the DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement, Teledentistry: Providing Access to Care During the COVID-19 Crisis, addresses how teledentistry can benefit health care during this critical and extraordinary time as we – patients, providers and states – face the COVID-19 pandemic. For a deeper look into the areas that state policymakers can address to support broader adoption of technology and tools, such as teledentistry, read the Partnership’s white paper Fast-Track to Teledentistry: Removing Barriers to Care While Maximizing Health.

Reimbursing Teledentistry  

Currently, DentaQuest is reimbursing providers to remotely perform all plan-specific covered benefits for covered DentaQuest members via teledentistry, unless DentaQuest is prohibited from doing so by state, health plan or other requirements. DentaQuest continues to work with our networks to ensure providers are aware of teledentistry options and how to properly document and submit claims. If you have questions, contact your provider partner.

Teledentistry Codes Coming Soon

As a result of COVID-19, various federal and state government bodies are expanding providers’ ability to deliver teledentistry services across the country. DentaQuest is working to configure our systems in appropriate markets using published American Dental Association teledentistry codes  to accurately process teledentistry submissions from providers who evaluate, diagnose and develop treatment plans for patients remotely through video or phone technology. Please be sure your provider email is up to date with your provider partner or check back here to learn more.
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New Online Learning Module - The Role of Teledentistry During a Public Health Crisis
Earn 1.5 CE credits with this online offering that was developed from the recent DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement webinar on teledentistry. This module explores the ability of using teledentistry to address limited access to care during a public health crisis and discusses policy issues and solutions.