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We’ve invested millions of dollars and our best resources to build the infrastructure, systems and processes needed to perfect dental benefits management.

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Dental Done Better

Windward is our proprietary dental claims adjudication system that allows us to efficiently manage dental benefit administration. Hundreds of state agencies and health plans in every segment rely on Windward to keep their programs productive and compliant. You can rely on Windward to streamline administration, eliminate operational headaches and lower costs.

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Fast, Flexible and Seamless

Windward is fully automated, can auto-adjudicate a claim in less than one second and process thousands of edits, clinical criteria, claim history and more. It can support any plan design and easily accommodate future enhancements.

In addition, Windward is fully customizable and can accommodate various workflows, edits and clinical decision processes to meet client needs. No matter what benefit administration platform is used, Windward allows for easy integration and updates can be performed without interrupting functionality.

Improved Efficiency

Windward optimizes the provider experience by eliminating paper claims and utilizing electronic claim submissions to start care sooner and get paid faster. This allows providers to spend more time treating patients and less time on administrative work. In addition, Windward helps control program costs to improve financial outcomes for providers and health outcomes for members.

Best-in-Class Support

Winward features real-time, secure HIPAA-compliant access to data and a 24-hour integrated voice response system to deliver timely information on patient eligibility, dental benefit plan information and claim status.

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