Young patient getting an eye exam


EyeQuest Vision

You value your vision just as much as your dental health, so why not ensure you’re prioritizing both? DentaQuest now offers vision health plans bundled with our comprehensive dental plans that are leading in the competitive vision care market.

EyeQuest vision plans from DentaQuest offer full-scope, comprehensive vision coverage at a fraction of the price of traditional vision insurance providers. With over one million happy members, we’re a dependable partner for health plans wanting an integrated vision or cost-saving bundled dental/vision solution to grow market share.

Our Vision Program Management options come in three comprehensive tiers, which all include expert UM/Medical Management protocols to ensure cost-effective delivery of service:

  • Core: Routine Vision Care – This includes comprehensive eye exams, disease screenings, prescriptions, optional frames, lenses, contact coverage, and contact lenses and outreach programs for members with diabetes
  • CorePlus: Routine and Medical Care – This includes Core-Routine Vision Care coverage, plus assessment and treatment by optometric providers for conditions such as conjunctivitis, keratitis, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, and more
  • Complete: Comprehensive Eye Care – This includes CorePlus-Routine and Medical Care coverage, plus a comprehensive network of primary eye care doctors, specialists and sub-specialists for ocular surgical procedures and special cases
Our vision networks are currently available in twelve states – but we’re expanding every day! By working with national retail groups, we have access to a broad range of providers, including private and national group optometrists and retail providers close to member’s homes. We also work closely with our clients to ensure that we match any existing network providers to ensure continuity of care with their regular eye care provider.


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