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Interoperability API

The DentaQuest Interoperability API’s system provides third-party app developers access to documentation, registration services, and development systems related to application programming interfaces (“APIs”) provided by DentaQuest, pursuant to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule (CMS-9115-F).

  • The Patient Access API will allow developers to retrieve, with the approval and at the direction of an applicable member or the members personal representative, certain data, as applicable, concerning adjudicated claims, if DentaQuest maintains any such data.
  • The Provider Directory API will allow developers to retrieve, as applicable, certain provider and directory information.

How to Request Access

Follow these steps to request an account to access the DentaQuest Interoperability API.

Submit the form.

A developer questionnaire will be sent for completion.

Complete the developer questionnaire.

This begins the process of subscribing to our production APIs – You will receive test credentials.

Complete testing.

You will receive production credentials.

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