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Abhi Nyatee

Abhi Nyatee

Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis

Abhi Nyatee is a global finance and strategy leader who takes a vison and makes it a reality through sound strategic, operational and financial acumen. He is an intuitive leader who tells stories backed by analytical data that inspires action and drives major strategic shifts to financial and operational models. Focused on creating sustainable positive growth, Abhi is a respected voice in corporate financial strategy with experience in various executive roles leading FP&A, pricing, sales operations and corporate strategy functions for both large Fortune 500 Companies as well as midsize high growth companies. He holds a master's degree in finance from Rochester Institute of Technology and a bachelor's in biotechnology from the ICFAI Tech Institute.

Ask me about: Converting financial data into actionable insights, making FP&A data easier to consume across business units, adaptable financial strategies and processes for sustainable business in times of crisis or change


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