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Steven Barefoot, DDS

Steven Barefoot, DDS

Associate Director, Clinical Value-Based Care, DentaQuest

Dr. Steven Barefoot has clinical experience delivering patient care in private practice, as part of an HMO dental clinic, via mobile dentistry serving mostly Medicaid schoolchildren, and with other volunteers caring for rural communities in Honduras. His 30-year career in dentistry is complemented by a series of other non-dental endeavors that include medical research at Methodist Hospital of Indiana and business development, analysis and analytics in a range of areas. He joined DentaQuest in 2016 as dental director for Indiana and in his current role, he provides clinical input to develop new care programs, manage the design of quality measures, and respond to questions from providers participating in value-based programs. According to Steven, whether practicing dentistry or managing a complex business process, most problems have multiple, correct solutions and the best solution is often one that results from an inclusive collaborative process.

Ask Me About:  value-based care and payment models, clinical patient care management, person-centered oral health care, measurable oral health improvement


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