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Dental Visits with Your Child: What to Do

Get ready, get set, go to the dentist!

Before the Visit:

  • Share with your child the good reasons for going to the dentist.
  • Talk about your child’s visit in a good way.
  • Encourage your child about the visit. Do not dwell on possible pain, hurting, or bleeding that might not even happen.
  • Stay in the waiting room if the dentist or the staff ask you to do so.
  • Keep brothers, sisters, friends, and others from trying to scare your child about the dentist.
  • Clean your child’s teeth before leaving for the visit.
  • If you must cancel, please call the office as soon as you can.

At the Office:

  • Bring your child’s health plan ID card. 
  • If you can, bring only the child who has the appointment to the dental office.
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