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Don't Ghost Your Dentist 

Stay on top of oral health and overall wellness when you make the most of your dental appointment. 

Happy woman getting dental checkup at dentistry. Dentist using dental equipment for examination of teeth of a female patient.

Dental check-ups are important for staying healthy. Good oral health doesn’t just protect your teeth and gums. It can also help make it easier to manage other medical issues, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Here are some tips for your next dental visit:

  • Tell the dental office the best days and times for your appointment. Let them know how you want them to contact you (phone, text or email).
  • Add your appointment date and time on a paper calendar. Or add it to your mobile phone calendar and set a reminder.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Bring your dental plan ID card and a list of all your medications to your appointment.
  • If you can’t make your appointment, call right away to make a new one. The dental office will help find a date and time that works for you.

Remember, the dentist wants to help you have a healthy, pain-free smile.

If you are having problems keeping your appointment or need help finding a dentist, DentaQuest can help. Call us at the number on the back of your ID card. 

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