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Anny Mayo

Annie Mayo

Sales Director, DentaQuest

With a focus on health plans and new markets, Annie Mayo is building relationships to expand DentaQuest’s dental and vision footprint. Annie’s goal as sales director is to best help clients deliver optimal benefits for their members. She focuses on demonstrating how and why DentaQuest is the premier partner for dental benefits programs that are not one-size-fits-all.

Annie brings 13 years of health care experience and 9 years in sales to the team. Prior to joining DentaQuest, she served as area vice president at VSP Vision Care for government programs. She also gained business development, account management leadership, marketing, communications and implementation experience as vice president of business development at Centene’s supplemental benefits subsidiary, Envolve. It is these experiences that shaped Annie’s perspective on the importance of supplemental benefits to people enrolled in government health plans.

Now based in North Carolina, Annie earned a master’s in public administration from North Carolina State University. She leverages this knowledge and her work experiences every day to build positive, effective partnerships that ultimately ensure more people can access quality dental and vision care across the nation. 

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