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Molina Healthcare of New York, Inc.

Looking for a different state or plan?

DentaQuest provides dental coverage for eligible members of Molina Healthcare Essential plans. The Essential Plan is a New York health insurance program for state residents that don't qualify for Medicaid or the Child Health Plus Program. Plans include:

  • NY Molina Essential Plan 1
  • NY Molina Essential Plan 2
  • NY Molina Essential Plan 3 
  • NY Molina Essential Plan 4


Member Benefits


  • Oral Exam – Once every six months
  • Bitewing x-rays – three per 12 months
  • Teeth Cleaning – Once every six months
  • Fluoride – Once every six months


  • Fillings – One every 24 months
  • Crowns – Once every 60 months
  • Root canal – Once per tooth per lifetime
  • Extractions (teeth removal) – One per tooth per lifetime
  • Periodontics – Once every 24 months, same quadrant
  • Implants - one per tooth per lifetime
  • Dentures – One every 96 months

NOTE:  The summary of benefits above is only intended for general informational purposes and may not reflect all updates or modifications to the plan benefits.  Please contact us to confirm your current benefits.

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