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Dental Can Help Health Plan Members to Prevent, Manage Diabetes

Improve oral health and help to diagnose, prevent and manage diabetes with DentaQuest's chronic condition outreach program

Diabetes is widespread in the US, and often undiagnosed, says the American Diabetes Association.

But routine, quality dental care can uncover the presence of diabetes and help to manage and mitigate its serious effects.

Early detection is crucial, because untreated diabetes can lead to many serious health and oral health complications, such as kidney disease, heart disease and stroke, nerve damage and blindness, bacterial infections, gingivitis and periodontitis.

But the right dental benefits strategy can help not only to fuel health plans to attract, retain and grow membership, but also offers solutions to impact the overall health of members with chronic disease. A trusted dental partner can accelerate your plan’s diabetes prevention and chronic disease management initiatives through medical-dental integration that helps members prevent diabetes, detect it earlier and more affordably manage it.

DentaQuest’s Preventistry® approach supports oral health professionals and members to engage in prevention to improve oral health. In the fight to prevent and manage diabetes, our chronic condition outreach program reduces medical complications caused by periodontal disease in diabetic members. That’s good for the health of your members and the health of your business.

DentaQuest is the partner of choice for some of the nation’s largest health plans. Learn how a partnership with us can help you to create better outcomes for your members and a sharper competitive edge for your plan.

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