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Investment provides LGBTQ+ youth in Florida with access to dental care

Investment provides LGBTQ+ youth in Florida with access to dental care

DentaQuest today announced a $10,000 contribution to Zebra Coalition Inc., a nonprofit organization that supports LGBTQ+ youth.

The support DentaQuest is providing to Zebra Coalition will help provide dental care for clients of the organization — LGBTQ+ youth ages 13 to 24. Zebra Coalition assists young people facing homelessness, bullying, isolation from their families, and physical, sexual and drug abuse with individualized programs to guide them to recovery and stability.

According to the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, the LGBTQ+ community is identified as a “health disparity population” due to lowered access to health care. In addition, many LGBTQ+ patients avoid medical treatment due to past discrimination and fear of stigma, which can lead to higher incidences of oral health problems.

“Zebra Coalition helps vulnerable teenagers and young adults who are struggling to access basic needs,” said Heather Wilkie, executive director, Zebra Coalition. “With DentaQuest’s contribution, we are able to help LGBTQ+ youth overcome the challenges of accessing dental care, which is so important to their overall health and well-being.”

“The work that the Zebra Coalition accomplishes every day has a profound impact on the population it serves,” said Daniel Dorrego, DDS, of DentaQuest. “At DentaQuest, we know that oral health is a critical component of an individual’s overall health, impacting everything from a young person’s ability to do well in school to future economic opportunity.”

DentaQuest has served as the incumbent administrator of the Florida Healthy Kids program for more than 20 years providing Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare Advantage and Health Exchange programs for more than 1.9 million dental and more than half a million vision enrollees across the state. Our local team partners with community organizations focused on initiatives to improve oral health and access to care for all Floridians.


DentaQuest is a purpose-driven health care company dedicated to improving the oral health of all. We do this through Preventistry® — our inclusive approach to quality care and expanded access built on trusted partnerships between patients, providers and payors. As one of the nation’s largest and most experienced Medicaid dental benefits administrators, we manage dental and vision benefits for more than 33 million Americans through a nationwide network of providers in all 50 states. Our outcomes-based, cost-effective dental solutions are designed for Medicaid and CHIP, Medicare Advantage, small and large businesses, and individuals. At the same time, we are expanding our footprint of more than 70 oral health centers in six states to deliver direct patient care in rural and underserved populations. Learn more at and follow us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter.


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