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Mike Enright

Mike Enright

National Director of Sales, DentaQuest

Mike places a priority on developing dental programs that reduce costs through the use of data analytics, prevention and early detection, and medical-dental integration.

He works with clients to minimize administrative expenses and to develop streamlined programs that best meet their individual needs and priorities.

Mike believes that dental and vision benefits can be a powerful retention tool for clients and can help prevent against membership lapse when bundled with medical benefits. He understands that programs need to be thoughtfully developed and implemented in order to maximize their efficacy and efficiency.

Prior to joining DentaQuest in 2011, Mike served in a number of executive positions at companies such as United Healthcare, American Medical Security, Inc., and Assurant Health. With more than 30 years of experience in the health care field, Mike has established himself as a trusted voice among his colleagues and peers.

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