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7 Dental-Partner Traits to Give a Medicare Advantage Edge

Dental can help health plans perform, lead and grow in the expanding Medicare Advantage segment.

Health plans need every advantage they can get to attract and keep Medicare Advantage members and excel at meeting their unique needs. Dental has the power to help health plans perform, lead and grow in this expanding segment, but only if your dental partner has the passion and experience to understand the Medicare Advantage population and help you bring them an exceptional experience.

Medicare Advantage members are extremely diverse. They can include everyone from the newly retired to the very elderly, homebound and disabled. Whether located in urban or rural settings and everywhere in between, your Medicare Advantage members expect quality service, affordability and great health outcomes. The right dental partner can help you optimize your plan to live up to these high expectations and grow with your members, adding new value through every stage of their lives. 

But how can you know whether a potential dental partner is the right match to help you deliver a more competitive Medicare Advantage experience through dental? 

7 Criteria for Choosing an Effective Dental Partner

Look for these qualities in a potential dental partner that will set you up for Medicare Advantage success:

  1. A high-quality provider network that’s flexible enough to meet the unique access and utilization needs of your Medicare Advantage members. 
  2. Efficiency-driving best practices and tools that will help you decrease costs while improving health outcomes. 
  3. A commitment to exceptional customer experiences that help boost satisfaction. 
  4. The capability to help patients coordinate care, especially those with disabilities and/or chronic conditions. 
  5. Established medical-dental integration initiatives that focus on preventive care to increase overall health through oral health. 
  6. Significant, dedicated dental resources and expertise serving multiple dental segments.  
  7. A track record of placing a high priority on delivering the caliber of warm, hassle-free customer service that enhances star ratings. Examine the organization’s J.D. Power service rankings to see if they are recognized for delivering the superior level of service you seek in a partner. 

Are you ready to give your Medicare Advantage members an exceptional dental experience? Contact DentaQuest to learn how we can help you deliver a competitive advantage to Medicare Advantage members.


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