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On the Road with DentaQuest's Medicare Advantage Team

DentaQuest’s Medicare Advantage team was on the road helping to support clients as they talked to brokers and customers about the value of offering plans that include dental and vision benefits for seniors.

With a majority of seniors now choosing Medicare Advantage plans — largely because of the added benefits like dental and vision care, which traditional Medicare does not provide — enrollment has grown enormously in recent years. In fact, according to the Commonwealth Fund report, 45% of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans in 2022, and that is expected to increase to more than 50% by 2025.

The Deft 2022 Medicare Age-In Study, sponsored DentaQuest, found that dental coverage is the most in-demand supplemental benefit, followed by vision and flexible allowances. Of those surveyed, 52% of Medicare Advantage age-ins select a plan for extra benefits, such as dental. In addition, 61% stated that dental is their most important Medicare supplemental benefit, followed by vision exam coverage and an eyewear allowance. DentaQuest provides brokers with the tools needed to meet customer demands and offer Medicare Advantage plans that include dental and vision.

“Part of our job when we go on the road is to arm brokers with the information they need, to communicate the value of these plans and their ability to reduce grievances, complaints and disenrollment,” says Dave Kaluhiokalani, Vice President of Medicare Advantage and National Accounts for DentaQuest.

DentaQuest partners with dozens of Medicare Advantage plans to administer dental benefits offered to their members. What’s more, DentaQuest and the Medicare Advantage plans we partner with actually encourage members to use dental benefits because we know that routine dental care promotes good oral health and saves money.

The roadshow speaks volumes to DentaQuest’s commitment to our business as we roll out our programs nationally,” said a client plan president. “The team does a great job representing the business and is very knowledgeable of how our dental benefit and program works.

As part of the road show, the team helps arm brokers and clients with educational materials for members to get the most out of their dental coverage. Important member tips such as how to keep up with preventive care, choosing an in-network dentist, and understanding annual maximums not only help improve oral health outcomes for members and save them money, but increase overall member satisfaction with their health plans.



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