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The latest in oral health trends, industry innovations, technologies and practices.

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Social Drivers of Oral Health: Economic Stability

Income, a social determinant of oral health, puts dental care out of reach and damages oral health when it is too low.

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Executive Spotlight: Cheryl Polmatier

Gain insight on work/balance, relationship-building, and accountability from Cheryl Polmatier, AVP at DentaQuest and advisory board member of Women in DSO.

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Five Big Preventive Dental Care Wins in 2022

At DentaQuest, we know that improving the oral health of all starts with providing equitable access to dental care for all. Considering that nearly 74 million Americans lack dental benefits, there is a lot of work to be done to break down barriers to care.

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DentaQuest’s Mission Month Dental Health Outreach Program 2022

Once fall rolls around, everything gets a bit busier and with the world seemingly moving 100 miles per minute, it’s important to slow down and take time to help those in need. That’s why every October, DentaQuest employees take time to give back to their local communities with our dental health outreach program) and make a difference.

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Share Your Why - DentaQuest Customer Service with Jesus Jimenez

CRM Production Support Manager Jesus Jimenez oversees the team responsible for creating and maintaining member, client and provider web portals. Optimizing and continuously improving these digital gateways is critical to ensuring a stellar customer experience. Jimenez understands the importance of “delivering excellence,” one of DentaQuest’s five core values, and regularly emphasizes it to his team.

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Share Your Why - Ugonna Onyekwu

Though Senior Compliance Analyst and Civil Rights Coordinator Ugonna Onyekwu’s time is focused on ensuring that DentaQuest takes the steps necessary to comply with applicable rules and regulatory, statutory and contractual obligations, he maintains a personal connection to the DentaQuest mission.

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Oral Disease Management

Gain insight into preventive care and the future of dentistry from an expert discussion panel led by DentaQuest and 3M.

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The newsletter designed for anyone who wants to improve oral health for themselves, their families, customers or communities.