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Oral Disease Management

Gain insight into preventive care and the future of dentistry from an expert discussion panel led by DentaQuest and 3M.

Click the link below to view the discussion led by DentaQuest and 3M about preventive care and the future of dentistry. The expert panel addresses oral disease management, challenges facing the dental community, new methods in dentistry, and care delivery models that can benefit patients of all ages. They also share technological and clinical innovations that are moving the industry in new and exciting directions.

Click the video to watch the full session.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the generational differences in oral health care needs.
  2. Discuss how preventive oral care is linked to overall health in patients of all ages.
  3. Explain an oral health provider’s decision-making process around minimally invasive restorative treatment.
  4. Explain how the value-based care and reimbursement model supports better health outcomes across generations. 
  5. Identify the use and benefits of sealants.


Nick D. Barnette
Network Projects & Communications Manager


Christina Rego
Scientific Affairs & Education Manager
3M Oral Care


Robert Blashka, BBA, DDA
Dental Insurance Advisor

Carola A. Carrera, DDS, PhD
Senior Research Specialist
3M Oral Care

James C. Grant, DDS
Dental Director


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