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Easy Ways to Kick Start Your Child's Oral Health Routine

Did you know that oral health – the health of your teeth and gums – has a major impact on your overall health? It’s true! So if you want to help your child stay healthy, start with their smile. By teaching them to take better care of their mouth, you’re also taking better care of their body. Here are some simple tips that can make a big difference.

  1. I’ll Brush Your Teeth if You Brush Mine
    While you frequently wield the brush and clean up your younger child's mouth, be sure to let them brush your teeth too. Not only is it fun, but you can also show them how much pressure to apply during regular brushing. Many of us mistakenly brush TOO hard. For older kids, make it a team session at least once a day to model good technique and ensure they keep consistent.

  2. Floss Is Boss
    Flossing is better at preventing plaque buildup in hard to reach areas between teeth and beneath the gums that can cause hidden cavities. Stash a roll in your car, bag or pocket to have handy for your family anytime.

  3. Encourage More Water
    Not only does water keep the body hydrated, it’s also a tooth’s best friend. Water helps wash away food particles and contains minerals that can strengthen enamel. Fill a jug with the recommended amount of water your child should drink per day and create a reward system for meeting and exceeding the goal.

  4. Replace Your Child’s Toothbrush
    A toothbrush should be replaced every three to four months. Bristles can wear, making the toothbrush less effective. Replacing your child’s toothbrush is also about cleanliness. Toothbrushes can carry bacteria that can be introduced into the mouth with every swish of the brush. A good rule of thumb is to replace it at the start of each new season.

  5. Make Your Child’s Next Dental Appointment Now
    Regular visits keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy and help prevent problems. And if a problem does arise, it can get caught early when it’s easier to treat. By scheduling ahead, you’ll be able to get an appointment that works with your schedule. We owe a lot to our teeth and gums, so this year resolve to help your family take care of their smile. Make oral health care fun and easy and create habits, not chores. Be sure to visit the dentist regularly.


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