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Children's Oral Health

Helpful information to start your child's oral health journey on the right foot.

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Children's Oral Health

Oral Health for Babies

Daily habits can support a baby's oral health even before the first tooth comes in.

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Children's Oral Health

Prevent Cavities in Early Childhood

Guard against pain and infection for your child with a couple of small changes.

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Children's Oral Health

How to Check Your Child’s Teeth

A quick peek can alert you to trouble.

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Children's Oral Health

Oral Care for Toddlers (18 to 24 Months)

Encourage your child’s life-long oral health.

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Children's Oral Health

Fluoride Protects Against Cavities

Flouride is your child's friend for a lifetime of oral health.

mom brushing baby teeth with finger toothbrush

Children's Oral Health

What to Know About Caring for Baby Teeth

Comfort and care make you a real-life Tooth Fairy.

provider and child at dental appointment

Children's Oral Health

Dental Visits with Your Child: What to Do

Get ready, get set, go to the dentist!

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Kids Oral Health 101 – Baby Teeth Matter

Here are five best practices that all parents and caregivers should know in order to care for their children's oral health

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