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Setting Fun Resolutions with Kids

The secret to setting family resolutions that stick? Don’t take them seriously.

  1. Eat More Colors 
    The easiest way to add more nutritious food? Let your eyes do the shopping for you. Eating your colors is yummy. Let your kids weigh in with their favorite colors from the grocery cart. You can also eat weird colors, like dragon fruit or watermelon radish. This shows your kids that eating new things is exciting (and healthy).

  2. Flip Your Nighttime Routine
    If your nighttime checklist is getting old, it might be time to get back to the basics. Sing your favorite song while you brush your teeth, wash your face at the sink on nights that don’t include bath time, and set out your outfit for the next day. You can also do slow stretches with the whole family just before bedtime to help everyone sleep more soundly.

  3. Wear Out Your Shoes
    Grab your socks and lace up your shoes. Get the kids booted up, too. One of the easiest family activities is just going on a walk. Explore your neighborhood, walk around the mall, or find a nature trail nearby. Walking is a low-stress, cost-free activity that gets everyone moving and talking.

  4. Burn Through Your Books
    Helping your kids fall in love with reading doesn’t have to add pressure to your day. Instead of trying to read a certain number of books, you could set different goals. Maybe you can set out to find a new author. Or consider reading every book on one of your shelves. You can also pledge to go to the library once a month. And, if nothing else, curl up with your favorite book, no matter how many times you’ve read it.


Make this a year of exciting new traditions and favorite old ones. At DentaQuest, we aim to make dental health simple and reliable all year long. 


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