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Four simple ways to de-stress your day

Teaching your kids how to brush their teeth properly twice a day, every day can be stressful. Everything else that you’ve got on your plate (wait, what’s for dinner?!) can interfere with peace of mind, too. We want to help you keep things easier. Here are some of the simple things you can do each day to ward off stress at your house.

  1. Follow Your Nose 
    Smell can be a powerful stress reducer. Essential oils are a popular way to stay calm. You can you rub some on your wrists or neck and take deep breaths with your eyes closed. You can also use an oil diffuser around your house. When you find your favorite scent, you can also find some peace.

  2. Listen In
    Turn on a soft, meditative track when you notice any stressful moods powering up in your house. You can turn on classical music, calming sounds, or tracks inspired by nature to keep the mood light. You can also turn on a favorite song and sing along or have a family karaoke moment to turn around the bad mood train.

  3. Stretch It Out
    Distract your mind with some stretches. Have your kids make up some stretches that you can all spend a few minutes trying out. You can show them your favorite stretches, as well. This can keep everyone connected, distracted, and calm. Use it as an opportunity to catch up with each other, or to have a few moments to think about what made you feel grateful today.

  4. Keep Track of To-dos
    Remind yourself how much you’re accomplishing and taking care of by writing it all out. This will help you keep track of upcoming things you need to do, while also allowing you to pat yourself on the back for doing so much already.


You can help your family with simple things to make you smile.


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