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Three Techy Tools for Toothbrushing Tantrums

Arm your toothbrushing arsenal with techy distractions and rewards. That way, no matter what type of tantrum happens, you’ll be one smile ahead.

1. Check the Time

You can use the timer or stopwatch on your phone to keep brushing time on track, but you can also find kid-friendlier options. For example, Oral-B® and Disney partnered up to make “Disney® Magic Timer.” The app that uses your kid’s favorite characters to make toothbrushing time fun. Look around your phone’s app store for other kid-focused timer apps to make the time fly.

2. Play a Game

You can find a wealth of digital apps that make a game out of brushing your teeth. Even Sesame Street® has a game called “Brush Those Teeth” that engages and educates kids. If you’re looking for an assist to make toothbrush time more fun, look online and find your new favorite helper.

3. Sing Along

Your kids probably have their favorite YouTube™ videos memorized already. So, stick with what they know. Let them watch their favorite clips while they brush, and as an incentive for when they’ve brushed long enough. You can also turn on their favorite songs and use them to keep things fun and on track. You’ve got this.


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