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Five Ways to Actually Make Brushing their Teeth Exciting

When it’s toothbrushing time at your house, it’s easy to feel like the odds are stacked against you. Some kids do everything they can to avoid it. Some kids brush incorrectly. And others just aren’t feelin’ it. The good news is that there are many ways to make brushing painless, effective, and 100% kid-friendly.

pink, white, black, and blue toothbrushes on a colorful background
  1. BFF Toothbrushes 
    Kids feel more in control when they pick out their own toothbrush. So when the time comes to replace it, let them select one that matches their style and personality. You could even get everyone matching toothbrushes and make brushing a family affair. This will show your kids how important they are to your healthy dental routine.

  2. Tasty and Healthy Floss and Paste
    Make things easier for yourself and your child by finding flavored toothpaste that doesn’t get an instant “yuck”. You can also reduce the scary side of flossing by finding a fun flavor and color. Then you can show them how you floss your own teeth.

  3. Novelty Timers
    Add some fun to the routine by selecting a timer used only for tooth brushing. You can go retro with an old-school kitchen timer. Or find something silly, like a chicken timer or one that makes a wacky sound to liven up the routine.

  4. Turn the Tables
    Prove to your kids that brushing your teeth isn’t all that bad by letting them brush your teeth for you. Tell them what to do, and then let them practice on you. Encourage them and ask them to narrate so that they feel better about learning.

  5. Cheer Them On
    Brushing our teeth is commonplace and we sometimes do it without even thinking. Remind yourself and your kids how important it is by cheering them on when they brush. When it comes to healthy teeth, a little motivation goes a long way.


We hope these tips make dental health less intimidating and more fun for your family. Because at DentaQuest, we want healthy smiles to be within reach for all.


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