Value-based Care

Value-based Care (VBC) is a health care delivery model in which providers are rewarded for quality health outcomes rather than the quantity of care delivered, with the triple aim of better quality and experience of care for individuals and improved population health at lower per person cost.

In this approach, providers focus on improving population health offering care that is prevention-focused, evidence-based and minimally invasive. Providers monitor and track patient experience of care and oral health as well as overall health outcomes. The full care team is engaged to maximize “chair time” and productivity. Yet, care is often delivered in non-traditional settings and providers are incentivized to keep patients healthy.

Value-based Care Readiness Assessment
Assess your preparedness for the anticipated transition to Oral Health Value-based Care (OHVBC) across five domains:
  • Leadership
  • Structure, Systems, Operations
  • Care Pathways and Provider Buy-in
  • Data and Analytic Technology and Personnel
  • Financial Viability and Strength
  What is Value-based Care?
  Value Based Care Video  
  Value-based Care
Keys to Success:
  How do we prepare for a Value-based Care system?
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  The Value of Oral Health Webinar  
  Defining value in oral health to achieve person-centered care.
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Upon completion of the readiness assessment, you will receive a customized competency development guide. The guide is full of resources and additional information for competencies that you identify as needing development. 


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Additional resources on value-based care available from the DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement.

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