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Provider Perspectives

We rely on an educated and informed provider network to deliver the best quality care to members in order for our benefits to ultimately make a difference.

Curodont anticavity dental rinse

Provider Perspectives

Introducing Curodont — a New Tool for Prevention

We are always searching for new tools to address prevention, which is why Curodont has been piloted in our Advantage Dental+ clinics across the country.

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Improving patient communications

Provider Perspectives

Improve Patient Communications With Motivational Interviewing

Why is improving your patient communication skills important?

unhappy dental patient at dentist

Provider Perspectives

Dealing With an Unhappy Dental Patient

If you work with people long enough, at some point you’ll come across an unhappy dental patient who is angry, upset or frustrated.

Tips Any Dentist Can Use When Caring for I/DD Patient

Provider Perspectives

Tips Any Dentist Can Use When Caring for Patients With Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities

Jacob Dent, DDS, has dedicated his professional career to learning and teaching about the oral health needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

Dentist working in the dental field

Provider Perspectives

Increasing Diversity in the Dental Field is Key to Solving Our Workforce Crisis

It may be surprising that a lack of Hispanic representation in the dental field compounds barriers to care among this already underserved population.

Dr. Winifred Booker, DDS

Provider Perspectives

Partner Spotlight — Dr. Winifred Booker on Highchair Dental Care

At DentaQuest, we are committed to improving oral health care for all — from infants to elders.

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